" I've to much pride to accept help from the likes of you badger. "-Artemis

Artemis is a mysterious women who is a member of the X-Men however her own past ends up effecting what happenes when she's around


Suriay "Suri" Mong was born on an undissclosed date in san diego, CA She is the fifth child and second daughter of itachi mong and the fifth child and third daughter of Deyakoo Mong/kik. Suri was from a family with various skeletons in the closet, her father was a ninja and she became one at an early age. Her father was killed by enemy ninja when she was 8 years old only strengthening the electra complex she already had and opening her "gate of eternal damnation" and causing her to become the compasionet demon slaghtering the enemy ninja in cold-blood. From there her and her mother moved from an undissclosed location to san diego. At this point in time suri had become a tomboy she always watched football on Sunday and fitting as many burgers into her diet as possible, although she retained a slender apperrance. At age eleven she was reunited with siblings that she had no idea she had no she had and developed a close relationship with her brother Tony. She was then recruited by a sientific division of S.H.E.I.L.D run by Aoi Pierce and at age twelve Aoi forced her to watch he disinigrated her mother and criogenically froze her siblings to "test her loyalty", Suri left Aoi's division at that time. Several days later her mutant powers manifested and she accidently destroyed a house with her Telekenisis.


Three years later suri reappeared in a highly remote area of siberia having left her home to escape the ridicule of being a mutant. She had smuggeld in several weapons including a katana, a bronze hunting knife, a bow and arrow, a nine millimeter shotgun, and blowtube for which she created several special poisons. She was found by a gang boss that had been "watching her" and offered her a deal, saying that if she carried out three asassinations for him he would give her a new life and nobody would ever be able to find out she was a mutant. Suri agreed initially intending to do just that, however once she saw these people with their families she became ashamed with herself and realized that in Siberia she had blocked out her memories of her family and vowed to never attempt it again knowing that it would ashame her father for her to run from her problems and that she would never let herself lose them. She then kills the gang boss for what he did and states that it was for her father before sliping away.


Suri appeared again much further into the future now celebrating he twenty-first birthday at a local bar with the "thirty-first beer of her life for the hour". Thouroghly drunk Suri fell into an alcohol induced sleep and woke up to the sound of the bar closing. She quickly went outside and called a cab to take her back to her manhattan apartment. In the morning the not-the-least-bit-hungover suri went to work at a subway. About to get her paychek Suri was stopped dead in her tracks by a loud bang which warented everyone out of the building. Suri naturally did the oppossite and decided to see what had happened only to find cyclopes attempting to hold back the juggernaut who threw a car, however slightly off aim due to cyclopes' optic blast was instead going to hit the bystandereds. Suri originally wanting to go to any length to hide the fact of her being a mutant, however, seeing memories of her father and how ashamed he would be of her sacrificing others well-being for her own she resolves to stop the car dead in its tracks and throw it directly towards the juggernaut with such force that it knocked him backwards. Suri then telepathically contacted the onlookers and told them to leave which they did. Suri then flew up to the Juggernaut and declared that as long as she lived he would never threaten anybody again and began to walle on him telekenetikly backing each punch until the Juggernaut charged at her, however in a feat of amazment she stopped his advance with one finger and sent him flying upwards. She then used her telekenisis to knock off his helmet and gave him a good dose of mental corrosion and let him fall to the ground. the X-Men wondered at her and finally Chareles came up to her and asked her name and offered a spot on the team which she agreed to aslong as she was helping people.

Dark Pheonix

Suri Fought against the dark pheonix and put up a considerable battle with her mental erosion but was eventually taken down.

She latter killed mastermind for what he did only for him to be resurectted by an unknown force.

Operation: Zero Tolarence

Suri fought the prime sentinals that ambushed them with marrow telekenetiklly guiding the laters bone spikes into important places on the sentinals bodys.

Planet X

Suri killed magneto for Jean and attempted to burn his lifeless body only to be stopped by wolverine.


Suri takes a place in the senior staff and tells kitty she should have just "taken the door". In the morning suri berates logan and scott for there fight, however, she later tells beast she wished she had fought to. She along with the rest of the X-Men took part in fighting Ord only to be saved by lockheed.


Suri's is an omega level mutant. Her powers include:


  • Telepathy
  • Telekenisis- Up to a degree that she can lift up to 7 tons with little effort and manipulate atoms. Her Telekenetically based powers include:
  1. Pyrokenisis: By speeding up the movement of atoms she can produce and manipulate fire.
  2. Cryokenisis: By slowing down the movement of atoms she can produce and manipulate ice.
  3. Flight
  4. Elemental Transmutation: By manipulating atoms and sub-atomic particles she can change the chemical make-up of an object, for example, turning bullets to water.
  5. Force fields
  6. Electrokenisis: By disrupting atoms she can create blasts of lightning.
  7. Object detection: By forcing telekenetic energy throughout a certain radius she can detect objects in the area, for example, detecting a jet in the air before she could see or hear it.
  • Astral Projection
  • Empathy
  • Mediumship
  • Precognition: Through dreams and when connected to cerebro.
  • Memory manipulation
  • Mind control
  • Psionic blasts


Suri has the (possibly mutant) ability to transform into a demon form of herself. Items in bold are powers that she posses through her demon form even when not transformed. Items in Italic are powers she only posses when in stage two.

  • Teleportation
  • Energy blasts: of light energy.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman senses
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Animal Mimicry
  • Echolocation
  • Poison Generation
  • Superhuman Tracking
  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Intangibility
  • Ressurection
  • Sonic Scream
  • Omnipresence


  • Suri's favorite word is "willpower"
  • Suri's favorite animal is a weasle
  • Suri's Favorite Food is Hot Dogs
  • Suri would like to fight X-23

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