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  • How come when Gambit escaped the Island and hid in a casino, Stryker couldn't find him but it only took Wolverine less than a day?
  • Why couldn't Wolverine tell that Silverfox/Kayla wasn't really dead? If he is a veteran and a soldier in many wars and has enchanced senses, couldn't he tell that the "blood was fake? He could have also checked her heartbeat.
  • Why did Agent Zero shoot the two farmers and lure Wolverine out of the barn, then blow up the barn, when he could have blown up the barn in the first place when all three were in there?
  • Why couldn't the mutants that Stryker captured escaped out of their cells? Emma Frost's skin can turn to diamond (which can cut through almost anything) and Scott Summers/Cyclops has his laser.

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