This area is intended for our creative authors who wish to publish imagined X-Men characters and history. We much prefer content based on published X-men Comics, graphic novels, and books, if you have to be creative, you may publish your article with the CCC disclaimer listed below and tag your article with only one category: "Imagines Characters and Content". No other categories are allowed. Specifically do not use the category labeled "Characters" as this is reserved for published Marvel X-Men Characters. Mis-categorized articles will be subject to editing or removal by local Admin.

Copyright Infringement- In no case will character names be allowed that conflict with published Marvel Characters. Content in this section has no official standing or correlation in the Marvel/X-Men universe.

CCC Disclaimer (select source to make it easier to copy and paste into the very top of your article):

CCC- Contributor Created Character. This character did not appear in a Marvel Publication.

The content has no recognized correlation with X-Men published history. Please do not Remove this notice. Thank you.- Wikia Admin.

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