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The terms "Alpha" and "Omega" (roughly meaning "first" resp. "final") are blurry in-universe terms used by some writers to categorise different characters. Omega mutants are, in theory, supposed to be the most powerful class of mutants, but with time the scope of the term has widened to include a much wider scope of characters that, following the same logic, could technically qualify half the ones in existence.

  • Originally omega mutants were beings with vast control over matter and energy, such as Iceman, Phoenix, Legion, Lazam.

The term "Alpha mutant" can, but does not necessarily, intersect, but the distinction is usually blurry, and varies depending on the writer. Gambit is considered an "Alpha" because of his type of power is localized and does not effect elements on a universal scale. On the other hand, Jean Grey is an "Omega" as she has intense power that affects galaxies, timelines, and the immortals ie. Death, Eternity, etc..

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