Collected Editions

Trade paperbacks

Title Material Collected Publication Date ISBN
X-Men: Vignettes, Vol. 1 Back-up stories from Classic X-Men, #1–13 March 2002 ISBN 0-7851-0812-2
X-Men: Vignettes, Vol. 2 Back-up stories from Classic X-Men, #14-25 August 2005 ISBN 0-7851-1728-8
X-Men: Proteus (Marvel Premiere Classic) Back-up stories from Classic X-Men, #32-33 & 36, plus Uncanny X-Men #125-128 May 2009 ISBN 0-7851-3768-8
Marvel Visionaries: Jim Lee Back-up story from Classic X-Men, #39, plus Uncanny X-Men #248, #256-258, #268-269, and #273-277. October 2002 ISBN 0-7851-0921-8
X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga Back-up story from Classic X-Men, #43, plus Uncanny X-Men #129-138, Phoenix: The Untold Story, Bizarre Adventures #27 & What If? (1977) #27 August 2010 ISBN 0-7851-4913-9

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