Wolverine (Claws)

Claw Retraction is the ability to extend and retract natural or augmented claws. There are two different forms of claw retraction, internal and external. Internal allows one to have claws housed somewhere in their body protrude out from a specific part of the body. External mean that they claws are somewhere outside the body and therefore can extend at anytime. Whenever not in use, internal claws retract back to the same place they were before and external claws retract back to normal.

Some users, mostly those who have internal claws and Regenerative Healing Factor don't have to worry about bleeding from the protruding holes where the claws protrude from unless they do not have healing powers. Some who do have healing powers have to worry about bleeding when it comes to encountering mutants able to negate their powers, which is usually when they tend to bleed upon using their claws.


Throughout the X-Men universe, there are a variety of different mutants able to utilize claws.

  • Wolverine: Of all the mutants able to utilize claws, James Howlett or "Wolverine" is the most famous. He is known to have a total of 6 claws (3 in each hand) that are 1ft in length. They protrude from in between his knuckles and retract the same way. He originally had the use of bone claws, however were later coated with Adamantium, making these claws and his skeleton virtually indestructible. Wolverine also possesses superhuman healing and therefore doesn't need to worry about his claws bleeding when they protrude from his hands.
  • Sabertooth: Similar to Wolverine, Victor Creed ("Sabertooth") also has the use of claws. Also like him, had is coated in Adamantium along with his skeleton. The only difference between the two is that where Wolverine's protrude from his hands, Creed's claws are external and are practically his nails that can extend.
  • X-23: Created as a result of trying to duplicate the Weapon X program, X-23 was the female clone counterpart of Wolverine. Like him, X-23 had bone claws that were the same size, however unlike him, only 4 protruded from her hands. The other two protruded from in between her toes. She also underwent the process of coating her skeleton and claws in Adamantium.
  • Hope Summers: While mimicking the mutant abilities of the Wolverine. Used to fight against the Shi'ar Death Commandos.