"Sugar you gone and did the dumbest thing your whole life" - Becky to Quicksilver

"Oh sweetheart I don't do uniforms" - Becky to Professor X



Becky Forhim

When Becky Forhim was a young girl she turned her whole family into aura's and put them inside her world. When Professor Xavier found her he out her powers into use and helped her. When Becky joined the X-Menat the age of sixteen Quicksilver came and kidnapped her. When he did this she told him that was the dumbest thing he ever did. She absorbed him and took him to her dimension since, he is a speedster he ran out of her dimension and told Magneto.When she turned seventeen she learned she can make a clone without having to be there. He then sent everyone to kidnape her to use her abilities. She was protected by the X-Men and began to have a romantic realtionship with Gentle.


Self Dimension World: Becky has the ability to make her own dimension and take other people to her dimension. To do this she needs to turn the person into a small aura ball and put them inside of her mind. in her world everything is black and white. She makes some colors see able like red and blue only. She can exisit in the real world and in her own world without meditating.

  • Aura absorpation: Becky absorbs others aura's to put them inside her own dimension
  • Self Dimension Clone: By saying "my world" she has a clone clone automatically sent to her dimension.

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