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Eliza Hogg, was born to Peter Hogg and Ester Hogg in the late 19th century, in the year 1895, Eliza developed her mutant powers, being the first mutant, she did not kniow of her powers, she also did not know her sister Marian Hogg was also a mutant. On day when Eliza was stressed, she grabbed her sisters hand and time travelled to the year 2010, where the x-men nightcrawler was battling a Sentinal. Eliza froze time as a sentinal detected her the only people, unfrozen was Marian and Nightcrawler, who they where both scared of. Together thr trio defeated the sentinals and then joined the x-men. WAS A GOOD STUDENT

Traitor of the X-men

Eliza settled into the x-men very well, people often called her an individual due to the fact she would ware victorian clothing, unlike her sister, who had a more wild persona. On one session in the danger room, Eliza teleported to five years into the future, there she found all the x-men dead, bar storm, who struck her with lightning calling her a murderer and traitor. Eliza asked storm what she had storm, storm said working for dark beast.

Eliza then teleported back to find Mystique had attacked the x-men and Rougue had gone missing. Eliza was knocked out by Mystigue, but as soon as Rogue returned she absorbed Mystique's powers, then saw Eliza, alone and absorbed her powers, kidnapping her.

The next day Eliza woke up to find her self in a dungoen chained up, with Mystique and Rogue. In confusion Rogue told her that the person who attacked her was a clone of rogue, with more advanced powers, able to keep powers for ever. They then soon worked out that the rogue clone would shape-shift into Eliza and kill most of the x-men. Dark Beast spying on them from his lab, then set a robot on them to kill them. Eliza stopped time and released everyone, she then teleported to the x-mansion and she saved Cyclops from getting killed, by rogues clone, assisting rogue in rogues clones defeat.


Eliza had many powers, here they are listed below...

  • Time-Travel - Eliza was the only known mutant to have travelled through space and time.
  • Wisdom - Eliza used her judgement to the best of her ability, often getting her and her sister out of tricky situations.
  • Freezing time - Eliza could freeze time and alter events, Emma Frost and many other telepaths predicted the outcome of this would not be good.
  • Time-Looping - Eliza could trap enemies in time loops, making them repeat events every five seconds.
  • Raw Time Energy - Eliza had the power to shoot time energy at people, effectivley erasing them from time and history.

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