Elsie-Dee is created along with her counterpart, Albert (a robot double of Wolverine), by Donald Pierce. These androids were designed to kill Wolverine. The Wolverine double was to act as the bait and Elsie-Dee (who outwardly appears to be a 5-year-old girl) was to trap Wolverine in a burning building were she would detonate with sufficient force to kill him. The plan fails because one of Pierces' henchmen, Bonebreaker, accidentally gives Elsie-Dee the maximum artificial intelligence one of Pierce's automatons was capable of, instead of the intended intellect of a 5-year-old. As a result Elsie-Dee eventually finds a way to defuse her detonation sequence. She also enhances the primitive intelligence of her counterpart, giving him intelligence beyond even hers. They meet and battle Wolverine in the skies over New York. She and her counterpart decide that he was a noble person and did not deserve to die and consequently abandon their mission. At one point Else-Dee is responsible for the reviving of Sabretooth. The murderous mutant had been left for dead in the sewers and her casual mis-step forced his neck back into place, allowing his healing factor to finish the job. The two robots risk their existences several times for each other and for Wolverine. At some point they travel in time and have several adventures, eventually gaining an AI stealth bomber and the companionship of the 'Hunter in Darkness'. Hunter is white-haired wolf-like creature whom Wolverine twice rescues from confinement, which Elsie-Dee dubs "Puppy". Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Robotic body She was only a robot created by Donald pierce. Self-destruct She was programmed to self-destruct when near Wolverine.

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