Foreign Body Immunity is a power that enables one to withstand most, if not all known ailments and narcotics.


  • May vary on the user
  • May not stop a certain substance in mass quantities
  • May only stop one


  • Agent Zero: Being augmented with an accelerated healing factor like Deadpool, Agent Zero found himself able to resist if not withstand most known diseases and narcotics.
  • Beast: Because of his genetic atavistic mutation, Hank has a healing factor enabling him to not withstand diseases, but recover from minor ones.
  • Daken: Being the son of Wolverine, Daken has the same healing factor as his father and therefore the ailment and narcotic immunity that come with it.
  • Deadpool: Being augmented by the Weapon X program, Wade Wilson's healing factor granted him not only longevity, but also a resistance to both all known ailments and narcotics.
  • Sabreclaw: Like his father and sister, Sabreclaw has the same healing factor, as well as an immunity to both ailments and narcotics.
  • Jubilee: Although never possessing such an ability before, Jubilee was turned into a vampire. This leads to assume that she has a healing factor enabling her to withstand disease and narcotics.
  • Selene: Being a vampire, Selene's immortality grants her a healing factor and therefore leads to assume that she has an immunity to both ailments and narcotics.
  • Wild Child: Being apart of his healing factor, Wild Child also has a resistance to most known ailments and infections. He also has a resistance to narcotics except in large doses.
  • Wild Thing: Being the daughter of Wolverine, Wild Thing inherited the same healing factor from him, making her immune to most known ailments. She also has the same tolerance to narcotics, but only the exceptions of larger doses do they affect her.
  • Wolverine: Due to his healing factor, Wolverine is able to withstand most known ailments and even withstand all known narcotics, however his resistance to drugs is not as tolerant as his resistance to ailments.

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