Early Days:



Robert "Bobby" James LeBeau is the son of Rouge and Gambit. He recieved his mother's abilities but, is able to to turn it on and off. When he was two he grabbed onto Shadowcat and gained her abilities. So he permently has Shadowcat's abilities. The day of his tweleth birthday he noticed when, he touched people he can recall they're abilities. But, it only last for a month. When Bobby turned fourteen he was sent to join the X-Men. Bobby is now working aside the New X-Men.

New X-Men:


Rogue Gain's mother

When he joined the New X-Men everybody except for, Anole because, Bobby actually wanted to hang out with Victor even though Bobby isn't gay. When Bobby was going to the movies with the New X-Men he was

Gambit Gain's father

kidnapped by the Brotherhood naturally the team followed but, Bobby already took the some of the Brotherhoods abilties.


'Power Absorption: 'Can absorb the powers, energies, memories, knowledge, talents, personality and physical abilities (whether superhuman or not) of another human being (or members of some sentient alien races) through physical contact of his skin with the skin of the other person. He is not limited to absorbing superhuman abilities: for example, he has absorbed the strength, agility, and sharp reflexes of an enhanced human. He can also absorb psionic abilities. In absorbing another persons memories Gain also gains the emotional responses connected to them. For the transfer of abilities to be accomplished, Gain’s skin must contact the skin of his victim. Gain can only absorb abilities and memories from living organic beings. He can possess the powers of several superhuman persons at once. No upper limit has yet been determined for the number of superhuman beings whose power he can maintain simultaneously, or for the amount of power that he can absorb. Gain can even absorb gross physical characteristics from a victim. His physical appearance does not change when he absorbs abilities and memories from a normal looking human being. The victim's abilities and memories are absorbed for a time sixty times longer than the period of time Gain was in physical contact with that person. Those touched are rendered unconscious by contact with him, though some beings, including Juggernaut and Mojo have resisted this effect. While for most of his life, his use of this power was involuntary, Gain has recently gained full control over it.This transfer is usually temporary, lasting for a period of time relative to how long contact is maintained, but the transfer may become permanent in certain cases. For example, he absorbed Shadowcat's powers permanent. Most often the process happens instantly when Gain touches someone, but in certain instances where a being has possessed an extraordinary level of power they are able to resist hi,, and he may only share part of their memories and power. Unlike his mother he can turn it off and on.

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