Name: Kara Avalon

Aliases: Electro Master, Kid, Lightning Girl, Avalon

Age: 15-16

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Mutant

Hair: light brunette/russet

Eyes: mild spring green

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York

Relatives: Cee/Celia (mother), Proffesser Thomas Avalon (father)*, Nick Fury (uncle) *=deceased

Afflication: S.F.M.C (society for mutant citizens/formaly), X-Men (current)

Alignment: Neutral (at first), Good

Weapons: her powers and twin dual katanas

Attire: dark gray dress, black jacket, dark gray fingerless gloves, black stockings and 1 inch heeled boots with a dark gray ring around her right thigh, and a black choker

gray tanktop sleeved dress down to thighs, dark charcoal blue trench coat tails down the back, dark gray underdress with two tails to her mid-thighs, dark gray and dark charcoal blue heeled boots, dark gray fingerless gloves (mission outfit/stelth)

Specialty: infultry, fighting, speed, electricity

Powers and Abilities


Kara's main mutant power over electricity make her an electro master and allow her to shock someone like a teaser. Her powers allow her to manupilate the electricity in electronics and in storms, sense the electric currents in people and animals so she can find people easily, and she can channel her electric currents into things like lightning bolts and electro balls... And make her run faster if she channels it through her legs.

Powers of Electrokenesis

Shoot bolts of lightning (sometimes from any part of the body).

Create ionic storms.

Create electric bombs.

Power electronic devices.

Draw power from electrical devices or thunderstorms.

Ride electrical currents.

Create shields of lightning.

Charge objects with electricity, heating them and/or turning them static.

High level users can manipulate humans movements by redirecting the electric signals between the brain and nerves.

Draw in power from lightning storms to increase one's electric abilities.

Pass their electric power through water like an electric eel.

Heal people throughout electricity.

Drain people's neuro-electrical energy.

Shoot concentrated balls of electric energy.

Trivia on Electrokenesis

  • This power may be tied to emotion, causing accidental discharge.
  • This power may not come with a resistance to electric current, making use of the power difficult, or painful.
  • Water may cause users to short circuit (depending on what the conditiond are).
  • Users may have to find electrical sources of power in order to recharge.
  • User's power may become useless if confronted electrical resistant material such as rubber or silicate.
  • Use electricity to paralyze organic subjects.
  • Control electric particles to create particle beam weapon attacks.

Hand-to-Hand Combat styles:

Kara is a skilled martial artist and very talented at throwing kicks and punches with ease. She is flexible and can do multiple gymnastics moves like swinging on poles and keeping balance. She usually resorts to this when she doesn't want to show that she's a mutant in a populated area.


Though she rarely uses her swords unless necissary, she is good st fighting with twin dual katanas and is said to look like a dancer when she fights with her twin katanas. Her swords also allow her to channel her electricity through them.


Kara is the only child of Celia Avalon, leader of an organization that opposes Hydra and is in an alliance with SHEILD. Since her mother worked almost 24/7, Kara self-taught herself how to cook, clean and go shopping at the age of five. At about the age of 10, Kara began to get her powers over electrokenesis; the first sign was when her fear of a sever thunder storm got the better of her and she caused a blackout throughout all of New York City and most of Washington DC. Another sign was when (age 12) Kara and her class at school went on a feild trip to the aquarium where all of the electrisity began to short out when she began laughing at the fish who made funny looks at her. Her class mates casted her out of their group and let her roam the aquarium on her own where she found a group of electriceels and jellyfish that were refusing to eat the food their care taker gave them. Kara offered to help and the care taker agreed, allowing her to feed the eels. It was to his surprise that even when the eel let off its electric shock, Kara didn't even flinch; she just held out the food and let the electricity run through her, not feeling any pain from it.

At this point in time, it became claer to Kara that she wasn't normal.

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