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Eliza Hogg, was born to Peter Hogg and Ester Hogg in the late 19th century, in the year 1895, Eliza developed her mutant powers, being the first mutant, she did not kniow of her powers, she also did not know her sister Marian Hogg was also a mutant. On day when Eliza was stressed, she grabbed her sisters hand and time travelled to the year 2010, where the x-men nightcrawler was battling a Sentinal. Eliza froze time as a sentinal detected her the only people, unfrozen was Marian and Nightcrawler, who they where both scared of. Together thr trio defeated the sentinals and then joined the x-men. WAS A GOOD STUDENT

Falling in Love

Marian took the name Wild Kitten as her code name and started to get more accustomed to 21st century living, her sister though kept her name and watched from the side lines. During her time with the x-men Wild Kitten developed a crush on Wolverine and began to flirt with him. He rejected her saying he did not want to let another woman down.

In anger Marian then went for Collosus who was still upset about Kitty Pryde dying. This in turn made Wolverine jealous and Marian ended up getting what she wanted.

The Human World

One time when they where training in the danger room on their own, Wild Kitten and Wolverine ended up entering a different time line in which mutants had been rubbed out of human culture. She and Wolverine explored this world finding out her sister had sent her there by accident. She then explored a castle built by the humans who worshipped a figure known as the godess. They would later find out that the godess was Eliza after she had become crazy. Wild Kitten got angry and killed Eliza, then that reality started to crumble and they ended up back in thier normal universe. Wild Kitten vowed never to let Eliza become a ruthless dictator.


  • Transformation - Marian's main power was to turn into a cat, she could turn into any type of cat she wanted.
  • Claws - Marian had twenty razor sharp claws all over her body, ten on her toes and ten coming out her fingers, they could cut through any metal apart from Adamantium.
  • Speed - Like all cats Marian could run very, very fast, up to 500 miles an hour and could run on water, the only person who could have beaten her was Quicksilver.

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