Mole (Morlock)


Mole was a member of the Morlocks, a group of mutants and other humans who established a society in the sewers beneath Manhattan. During the events of the Mutant Massacre, a gang of mercenaries known as the Marauders attacked and slew many of the Morlocks. Mole, along with his friend Chickenwings, fled the Morlock Alleys, and lived for a time in the alleys on the streets of Manhattan. However, one of the Marauders, a mutant known as Sabretooth, continued to hunt down and kill off any Morlocks he could. Sabretooth located and attacked Mole and Chickenwings. Mole's friend attempted to fight off Sabretooth and met his end, giving Mole enough of a lead to escape Sabretooth using his burrowing power. Mole made his way to the basement of Acme Records, which he established as a temporary hiding place. He was discovered by an employee, Opal Tanaka, who felt sympathy for him, allowing him to hide there and bringing him food and clothing. Soon after this, Opal began dating the mutant member of X-Factor, Bobby Drake, the Iceman. Both jealous of Opal's interest in Drake, and fearing that he may be seeking to harm her, Mole followed the two on their date. Growing angry watching Opal and Drake interact, Mole inadvertently disintegrated a portion of a crane, causing it to drop on the two. Believing it to be an attack from an evil mutant, Drake fought back, although Opal stopped the fight as soon as she recognized Mole. Opal and Drake explained their relationship to Mole, who feeling sorry for himself, returned to the Morlock tunnels. Unfortunately, Sabretooth was waiting for him there.

Powers and Abilities


Can emit a tremendous amount of heat from his skin, capable of melting a steel crane within seconds.


Can see in the dark


  • Mole doesn't actually die in X-Factor #53, but the issue ends with him being confronted by a very angry Sabretooth, and it is strongly implied.

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