Image Code Name Name Status
Cyclops marvel now Cyclops Scott Summers Alive
Current leader of his own faction of the X-Men, considered a terrorist by most of the world's human population and currently persecuted by the Avengers.

Powers: Cyclops has the ability to project red-colored energy beams from his eyes, which themselves are apertures to another dimension from which Cyclops draws the energy necessary to both encase his body while firing and to generate his beams or commonly known as Optic Blast.

Adam x Adam-X
All new angel Angel Warren Worthtington II Alive
One of the five original X-Men, stripped from his memories as an X-Man and as Archangel, Angel is now a student of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning and is earning his way back to the core team of X-Men.

Powers: Angel has the ability to fly at superhuman speeds thanks to the pair of metallic wings on his back. He can fire deadly metallic feathers from his wings, which are the same he used during his time as Apocalypse.

Argent-teen-titans-10393972-147-374 Hellion Julian Keller Alive
Currently a student of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning
170px Rogue Ann-Marie Alive

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