Cyclops (Optic Blast)

An Optic Blast is an energy-based power that enables one to emit beams of energy from their eyes. This ability may vary in the terms of both intensity and even color.


  • Cyclops: Within every X-Men comic and form of media that has Cyclops, he is known to have the ability to shoot an uncontrollable ruby-colored optic blast from his eyes. This is due to a head injury he sustained in his youth. As a result, it is mandatory that Scott wear a pair of specially designed sunglasses with ruby-quartz lenses that allow him to see. He also wears a visor with a lense composed of the same ruby quartz lenses as his glasses. On some occasions, his powers have been in his control, however most of the time, he must resort to wearing glasses and or visor to see. If he doesn't have either, though, his eye lids are immune to the blast itself and therefore he can keep his eyes shut so nobody gets hurt.
  • Hope Summers: When mimicking the mutant powers of Cyclops. Exhibited once when Hope yelled at Cyclops for sending Cable into the future without a way back and again displayed it when battling Bastion. Hope later displayed this power when furious with Evangeline Whedon while in Cyclops presence.
  • Deadpool: Although never shown in the comics, Wade Wilson was augmented by Col. William Stryker to have a variety of different powers to hunt mutants. These consist of Wolverine's healing factor, Wraith's teleportation, his own superhuman reflexes and agility and even Scott's optic blast. The only difference is that unlike Scott, Wade can trigger the blast at will and has no need for ruby-quartz eyewear.

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