Paragons Squad

Preview was a member of the Paragons team. Preview proved to be difficult to the Paragons because she chose to not participate when she knew the outcome of certain actions, such as the Paragons' failure in a school-wide competition and has shown displeasure at the lack of surprise in everyday life due to the nature of her powers.


Preview is one of the mutants who lost their powers after the events of the House of M. It is suggested that Preview is alive following William Stryker's attack on a bus of depowered students. In this issue, a memorial is held at the school for the departed. While Jessie's sister Sarah is mentioned as one of the deceased, Jessie is not. An unnamed girl with a similar appearance to Vale is seen at the memorial. In addition, writers Chris Yost and Craig Kyle confirmed that she was not one of the students on the bus at the time of the explosion.

Powers and Abilities


  • Flash Precognation:(formerly) possessed short-term precognition powers, minutes in advance.


  • In the New X-Men Academy X Yearbook Special Preview was voted "Biggest Drama Queen".

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