Tom Smith's powers developed when his parents died in a fire, after the fire he was adopted by his grandma. When he was bullied on school he threw someone into a wall with his telekinetic powers. On a school trip to a museum people called him a freak. Someone threw a rock at him, he ran away. But he could not help hearing everyones thoughts. He started to catch on fire, and he exploded. Charles Xavier personally picked him up and brought him to the institute. He learned to control his telekinesis and telepathy, but he did not want to use his pyrokinesis. He was called Psychic because his powers were all controled with his mind. His mentor was Jean Grey because she also was telekinetic and she was a telepath, and his best friends were Storm and Nightcrawler. Magneto made a team of mutants to attack the X-men. Tom was attacked by Magneto. Tom was almost killed until he caught on fire, just like in the museum, only this time the fire took the form of a phoenix. He attacked Magneto but Tom did not kill him. Tom didn't tell anyone about the phoenix. After the fight with Magneto, Tom became more agressive, he almost even killed Juggernaut. Tom was stopped by Storm, but he turned into a dark phoenix. Tom killed almost everyone of the X-men when they tried to stop him. But he was stopped by Jean Grey, everyone from the X-men rose from their ashes. The phoenix left Toms body and flew into space. The phoenix was a reincarnation of Jean greys Phoenix power, The copy of the Phoenix saved Tom from dying in the fire in his parents house. After the Phoenix left Toms body, he started t
Phoenix 6

Tom with the Phoenix Force

o use his pyrokinesis because it was less powerful now the Phoenix left his body.

Tom later found out that he had a sister named Elle. He started searching for information about her. It turns out that Elle was a mutant with the ability of electrokinesis. The file also says that Tom has this ability, but like his pyrokinesis he blocked this ability. After many mental sessions with professor X, Tom unlocked the ability. Though he wasn't very good in manupulating electricity he often used the ability.

120px-Electric Sylar 1

Tom using electrokinesis

- You want power !!!

I'll give you power !!!

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