Quicksilver has wore a plethora of costumes during his career as both a hero and villain. 

Classic costume

Quicksilver (by Boris Vallejo) 01
The classic costume Quicksilver uses in his first appearances varies, sometimes it is blue and some others green. The costume is most likely made of spandex, and sports a series of white lightning figures over itself, a big vertical lightning across the chest and other smaller ones on his wrist and legs.


Tumblr n08gqyvF7e1rd80noo1 1280
During his tenure as an a member of the Serval Industries' sponsored X-Factor, Quicksilver was given a uniform, with a similar scheme to that of his other teammates, which consisted of a golden yellow garment with a grey section that ran from his lower torso and back, also covering most of his right arm.

Uncanny Avengers

Pietro Maximoff (Tierra-616) en Uncanny Avengers Vol 2
As a member of the second wave of the Unity Division, Quicksilver sported a more technologically advanced suit, along with some googles to protect his eyes while running at high speeds.

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