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New X-Men

Redneck was a troubled student who came from a large family in Arkansas. Due to the fact that he was a mutant, he experienced physical violence several times from his family members. He joined the Xavier Institute and eventually became involved with Kid Omega and his gang, the Omega Gang. When he helped to instigate a riot on campus, Cyclops expelled him, and he later lost his powers during M-Day while in prison.
Vincent Stewart (Earth-616)

A depowered Redneck as Skybolt

Once out of jail, he accepted an offer to join a group of depowered mutants known as the New Warriors. He was given a flight and new technology weaponery in order to fight. While fighting a supervillain, he got too cocky, and was brutally killed in front of his teammates.


  • Heat Generation: Had the ability to generate intense heat from his hands.

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