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" You will fear ME!"

- Sam


Name: Samuel Sean Shaw

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'2

Age: 13

Education: Hellfire Club

Status: Alive

Identity: Known

Alias: Prince of Kinetics

Family: Sebastian Shaw(Father), Emma Frost(Mother)


Samuel is Jay's enemy


Kinetic Energy Absorption

  • Kinetic Metabolism
    • Enhanced Durability.
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Stamina
    • Accelerated Healing.
    • Kinetic Energy Contact


  • Telepathic Cloak
  • Psychic Shadow
  • Telepathic Cloak
  • Mind Control
  • Mind Possession
  • Mind Alteration
  • Psionic Shield
  • Telepathic Illusions
  • Mental Paralysis.
  • Mental Amnesia
  • Psionic Blasts
  • Astral Projection
  • Mind Transferal
  • Mental Detection

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