Shadowcat is a member of the X-Men. She joined the team after discovering her powers and forged a relationship with Avalanche.


Kitty Pryde was bullied by two girls at her high school. Despite the bullying, she was a great student and managed to get very high grades and was known for her accomplishments academically.

Entry into X-Men

After discovering her powers, Kitty decided to go to school thanks to her mother allowing her to. There, she was picked on and shoved into her locker, which she got out of while phasing. She came across Lance Alvers once she activated her abilities and crashed into him while banging out of the locker. Once he tried to show her his powers, Kitty insulted him and fled.


Cassandra Nova did not try to possess her body and since she did not seemingly die, Hisako did not wear her clothes.

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