ace doing call center agent


space,creating mana around him

" I absorb mana from living things"

early life

as son of maria elangos, ace elangos wanted to be a scientist.but when he was 12 he discover his powers of being a mutant.his skin shed after that blue glow in his skin.running away from home ace becomes a vigilante fighting robbers and crimminals.Soon he discovers how to read mind,do telekenesis,and teleportation.after stealing the book of pure spell from the second floor library he learned to use it for good.

hero stage/x-men

after battling another mutant named alpha the X-Men try to restrain alpha, with the help of ace they restrain psylocke but got away.wovelverine congratulated ace and ask ace if he could join the ace didn't argue he followed.meeting all the mutants.when ace saw the grave of Professor X he look at it.after some time he learn to absorb the skin of other.later he accepted the code name Space.


after joining X-Men he later decide to create a new legion of X-Men the X-teen department wich makes great help for the Xmen.As the leader of x teen.

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