Stiles with pyrokinesis

Stiles Blake Summers is the son of Hope Summers and Gabriel Cohuelo. He gained his mother's abillities.


Stiles was given to the X-Men by his mother. Growing up he often had empathic melt downs. So the Professor often calmed his mind when needed. Stles is close friends Shadowcat, Anole, and Hellion. When Sentinels invaded the school Xavier was forced to let the mutants fight unless they were tweleve and under. Stiles turned thirteen that day so he was able to join. While Fighting Stiles felt stronger by the minute when, Stiles got punched by a Sentinel. Stiles lost control of his powers and used every person's powers in the Mansion. He then destroyed with telekinesis and magnetickinesis.When the battle was finished,Stiles passed out from exhaustion.The next day,Stiles trained his powers to make it at its peak.

452px-Hope Summers using her powers

Hope Summers-Stiles's mother

Powers and Abilities:

Empathic Power Mimicry

Stiles Summers is an omega level mutant born with the powers of Empathic Power Mimicry. The limits of his

250px-Generation Hope Vol 1 3 Variant Gabriel Textless

Gabriel- Stiles's father

power have yet to be reached or determined. He does not need to physically touch his subjects (as with Rogue), nor does it appear as though his using an individual's powers subtracts at all from their own power level. It appears that Stiles needs to be in close proximity to subjects to exhibit their powers. It is also determined that once acquired the abilities are permanent from subject. The powers Stiles has demonstrated so far include:

  • Telekinesis and Telepathy: from Franklin Richards.
  • Energy Absorption and Concussive Blasts: from Bishop.
  • Optic Blasts: from Cyclops.
  • Organic Diamond Transformation: from Emma Frost.
  • Thermokinesis: from Oya
  • Electrokinesis: from Wiccan
  • Geokinesis: from Magma.
  • Superhuman Strength and Self- Propelled Flight: from Namor.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: from Wolverine.
  • Transonic Speed and Shifting Crystal Skin: from Transonic.
  • Inorganic Rock Form: from Rockslide.
  • Magnetic Field Manipulation: from Polaris.
  • Extreme Strength: from Gentle.
  • Immortality: from Mr.Sinister.
  • Phasing: from Shadowcat.
  • Localized Time Manipulation: from his father
  • X-Gene Stabilization: from his mother.
  • Invisibility: from Cipher.
  • Reality Warping: from Wiccan.

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