She appeared along with Kavita Rao, in the events that led to the relevation of the Hope Cure to mutantism.


She is said to have the power to manifest creatures fro her nightmares. She is virtually unstoppable and her power are extremely difficult to control, when in her nightmare form, she is immune to Telepathy and has shown to have no limit to her power. In the episode of her appearance she creates a massive red monster that cannot be penetrated by Wolverines claws or gunfire. Her powers show themselves when she gets agitated or angry. The only way to contain her is to keep her calm. When she is in her Nightmare avatar she is in the middle of it and outdoes seem to control it. She is extremely powerful

Alternate versions

She appears in the X-men animated series, Wolverine and the X-Men. She is in an MRD facility in a coma because of her Omega Level powers. The Juggernaut breaks her out and places a device on her neck that activates her powers, she then proceeds to almost level the city. She is stopped by Rogue who takes the Juggernauts powers and Shadow cats powers and deactivates the device. Then she proceeds to live in the X mansion and befriends Kitty Pryde.

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