Tommy (Morlock)


Tommy was a young Morlock. She ran away from New York after the Marauders killed some of her Morlock friends under as yet un-detailed circumstances. She was rescued by the Hellfire Club mercenary Richard Salmons and brought to Los Angeles, where the Marauders tracked her down. Stunned by one of Harpoon's spears, Richard begged Tommy to give him his gun, but Tommy panicked and fled, abandoning Richard, who was soon afterwards shot by Scalphunter. Tommy hitchhiked a train ride back to New York, but she was trailed by some of the Marauders to 'The Alley', the Morlock home in the New York sewer tunnels. Just when Tommy was about to flee into the tunnels, she was incapacitated by Harpoon and then shot by Scalphunter off-panel. She was the first person to die in the Mutant Massacre.

Powers and Abilities


Ability to render herself into a two-dimensional state in which her body was as flat as paper.

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