Recently the site has an issue with a contributor creating fictional X-Men characters and uploading articles about the fictional expoits of such characters. For the intent of this discussion, an imaginary X-Men chacter is defined as one that was never published in a Marvel Comics publication. Believe it or not, I've not been able to locate any official policy regarding Wikia Entertainment that addresses this situation. I'm exploring two ways of dealing with this situation. The first method is to simply delete such articles and take punitive action against contributers that repeatedly post such articles. The second approach would be to create a seperate section to allow creative authors to publishe their *imagined* X-men characters with the stipulation that any postings of this kind would include a disclaimer that the characters in question have never existed in a Marvel Publication. If I go with the latter, I'll see how it goes. And if it does not go well, I'll most likely end up reverting to the first method. Opinions anyone?



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