Obviously the focus is on documenting all things X-Men based on the actual history of Marvel Publications. Recently a situation came up where a contributor was posting articles on imaginary characters. For the intent of this discussion, imaginary* are characters that were never published by Marvel Comics. We really don't want to encourage imaginary content, but I have established a separate area called X-Men Fan Fiction and a new article category called X-Men Fan Fiction for such entries if you have a creative bug and want to write about an X-Men that never was. I'll see how it goes. The policy is subject to change depending on how much trouble it becomes.

Posting Policy and Links have been moved to this page: [Help Contents]

Maybe one of you could help me on this page: FAQ there is a help getting Started Box and Link located at the very bottomof the page. I can't see a way to get rid of it? Anyone know? Thanks!

I'd still love to hear any suggestions. Thanks!

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