Void is a fan fictional character associated with the X-Men and is a student of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. A powerful mutant, Void possesses "Dimensiokinesis" that allows her to create pocket dimensions and portals, as well as travel through dimensions and store or imprison objects/organisms inside a pocket dimension.


Early Years

Cloie Cain was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 13, 1997. At the age of 10, Cloie's powers began to manifest and she became a victim of bullying in her school. However, since she hated getting into trouble, she endured it and kept the situation a secret from her parents.

She tolerated the bullying most of her childhood but gained extremely low self-esteem and built up self-hatred. Cloie played with her new found abilities and learned how to create and control pocket dimensions. Unable to restrain her frustration, she began to "collect" every single person she had a grudge against and started placing them in her pocket dimensions via cards. This kind of power piqued the interest of various organizations that wanted to recruit her for their respective purposes. This angered her and she trapped all of them into her pocket dimension.


Cloie was later approached by Professor Xavier, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Shadowcat in attempts to recruit her to the school for Gifted Youngsters. At first, Cloie was suspicious of the four strangers entering her home. Despite her parents' approval of her enrollment, she protested against it and locked herself in her bedroom, which proved to be useless since both Nightcrawler and Shadowcat managed to enter with ease and unlock the door.

Out of fear and confusion, Cloie tried trapping them into her cards but was stopped by Nightcrawler who teleported behind her and took away her cards, and Shadowcat, who simply phased through the cards. Professor Xavier tapped into her mind and began speaking with her telepathically. He showed her images of the school and its students while telling her that she was not alone and that she can be safe under their care. This causes her to relax and release the imprisoned people from her cards. She then joined them and became a student.


Cloie is often described as a teenager with a mind of a child. She is quiet, playful, and seemingly innocent. Due to the years of bullying she endured, she has a bit of a sadistic nature when in comes to combat. Despite her cruel ways, Cloie is protective and kind to those she considers as a precious friend. She is fiercely loyal to her comrades and will cry if they attempt sacrificing their lives for others.


Void is a petite girl with a well-developed body. She has shoulder-length light brown hair tied into a ponytail, dark brown eyes, and fair skin.

Powers and Abilities


Cloie, codename Void, has the ability to create and manipulate dimensions. She can also make her own personal pocket dimension that enables her to control anything within it but does not have the power to create any sentient life inside the dimension. She also has the technique of dimensional imprisonment or dimensional storage with the use of blank cards and video games, portal creation, dimensional attacks, dimensional vision, and teleportation via dimensional portals.

  • Card Pocket Dimension: Cloie has the power to store or force objects/organisms in a "pocket dimension" inside of a card and cause them to re-materialize at will. She is able to use this ability to absorb coming attacks and releasing them as she wishes. When the card is occupied by something/someone, it has a picture of the occupant and a label located at the bottom of the card. If there was something taken out of the card or if the card was already empty, the card will be blank.
    • Prisoners: She is able to trap living beings inside the cards. The prisoners are still very much alive and are able to move around their respective cards and communicate with the outside world.
    • Items: Cloie can store weapons and other objects inside cards and take them out when needed. These cards have a small pocket dimension and can only hold one or two objects at a time.
    • Attacks: She can use empty cards to absorb palpable coming attacks that are in motion (such as shooting bullets, Cyclops' optic blasts, and Banshee's sonic blasts) and store the attack until they are released. Despite the frozen picture shown on the card, the attack is actually mobile inside the pocket dimension, forever circling in a never ending space until a dimensional door is opened and releases it. Once the stored attack is used, the card will once again be empty.
  • Video Game Pocket Dimension: She can suck in organisms into an active video game and trap them inside the virtual world, controlling the dimensions of the game to her extent. The only way for the trapped victims to get out is through dimensional doorways, which she can open if she wants to release them. If the gaming console's power is turned off while there are still prisoners trapped inside the game, they will be stored in a "black room" until the game is switched on again.
  • Portal Creation: She can create portals and use these to transport herself and others to another dimension or to another location inside the same dimension.
    • Banishment: She can create and launch spheres of dimensional energy. Upon impact, the attack may not deal physical damage or pain but whatever the attack touches is banished to another dimension. Cloie keeps her opponents inside one of her own pocket dimensions, resembling a jail cell in a barren wasteland.
    • Dimensional Doorways: Cloie can either tear open a keyhole-shaped portal hole from any surface or make use of pre-existing doors, gates, or any other structure used to open and close off an entrance, and use it to go anywhere in the universe.
  • Dimensional Vision: She is capable of seeing through dimensional barriers, allowing them to see what occurs in other dimensions, as well as enabling such feats as seeing objects that are in a state of dimensional flux between two worlds. Cloie is able to keep track of her pocket dimension prisoners with this ability. The vision can be switched on and off.


  • Her powers can also be triggered by strong emotions. This is dangerous because it could possibly create a black hole if she is dealing with extreme negative feelings.
  • People with teleportation abilities and dimensional negation can be immune to her powers.

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