Wall Crawling is the ability for one to fasten onto and scale vertical and horizontal surfaces such as walls and ceilings without falling.

Associations & Applications

  • Bug-Like Physiologies: A very common association and application for the power of wall crawling has been with those possessing insect or arachnid-like capabilities. This is due to the fact that insects and arachnids have natural hairs on their legs that pierce through virtually anything and as a result allow them to scale walls and ceilings with ease.
  • Claws: Another major application and association with wall crawling is with those possessing claws. Despite it being more of a technique, those with dense or augmented claws have the ability to scale surfaces.
  • Flight: Wall crawling, despite those with the ability to use claws and hairs on their bodies to climb, those with the power of flight have the ability to scale surfaces including walls and ceilings as well as float back down to Earth without worry of injury.


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