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"I've got more tricks then that boy!"

Shadowsong in a cage match with her eventual husband, James "Logan" Howlett A.K.A. Wolverine.

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A nine year old Shadowsong Scarlet Grey on her fourth grade picture day.

Name: Shadowsong Scarlet Grey (later changed to Johnson when adopted by the other family, then to Howlett after marrying Wolverine)

Hair: dirty blonde

Eyes: hazel though they change to a fiery red when she is about to unwillingly use her pyrokinetic powers

Height: 4'5" (she hates being short)

Citizenship: U.S.A.

marital status: in a relationship with Wolverine until the fiftth story by the original author Starr Lee

Occupation: Self-defense teacher at the institute and X-Men, full-time mom of X-23 and X-24 (x-24 is her clone)

Education: private schooling until age fourteen while with the Johnson family. Her grades had allowed her to skip quite a few grades and she was officially a colledge student by age fifteen when shee was forced from her home

Place of Birth: New York in her original home (in the original author's story, her mother couldn't make it out the door)

Status: eating (sorry. Facebook humor. :)) alive

Identity: sorta kinda elusive but still known

Alias: Songbird (by Nate and Logan), Shadow (by everyone except her father and the professor), freak (like most mutants)

Family: Emily Johnson (adoptive mother), Dale Johnson (adoptive father), Anna Rea Johnson (adoptive sister), Elaine Grey (mother), Remy Lebou (father), Jean Grey (half-sister), Scott Summers (brother-in-law),Rachel Summers(niece), Wolverine (eventual husband), X-23 (step-daughter, kinda), X-24 (daughter/clone), Victor Creed (brother-in-law), Kate Creed/Horner (best friend/ sister-in-law), Taylor James Creed (named after his uncle, nephew of Shadowsong)

Shadowsong is the product of an afair between a traveling Gambit and Elaine Grey, she had a normal life until her mutation deveolped during her 4rth grade picture day when another student whom she had a crush on at the time, said he disliked the clips in her hair that were designed to look realistic. Her friend Katelyn Horner being the one who calmed her though sshe was sent to a mental hospital for thinking it was okay for mutants to exist.The teacher then pushed her from the room with a straitghned hanger.

Her mother died around the time she was taken by Stryker to be the latest victim of the weapon X program. The poor dear was then given adamantium to the same claws that had killed the boy whom she'd had a crush on. Being born after Jean, though still her half sister, she didn't know much about telepaths and was easily brainwashed into believing she was Shadowsong Scarlet Johnson, daughter of Dale and Emily Johnson and older sister of Anna Rea Johnson, her "sister" in this family had gotten her kicked out about six months before her sixteenth birthday after she was officially adopted by the family. She then lived with her boyfriend Nate's parents until they were killed while a group of anti-mutant people tried to "exterminate" Shadowsong. Nate and Shadowsong then lived on the streets while her "father" and the rest of her "family" were killed in a car accident. A few months later she found a safe-house in Canada near the bar where Wolverine was in a cage fight. She came in hoping for the money to help her and defeated Wolverine and joined him on the road. She met Rouge who was a year older and they became friends. Though others disagreed to the relationship of the two, she and Wolverine fell in love. She also saved him at Liberty Island because Rouge took some of them both, otherwise she'd have taken too much of Logan and killed him.

Between the events of the first and second movie, she meets a traveling Gambit and he reveals himself as her father in front of her half-sister Jean who was shocked when he admitted that Elaine and he had had an affair and that Wolverette was the product and they find the creeds with their new son, and Shadowsong's nephew, Taylor Creed.

In the second film, she and Cyclops cried whilst the others resisted tears after the death of Jean.

In the final movie, she and Wolverine get married and raise Rachel Summers, daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey, whilst also fighting alongside the other X-Men and she is the on who saves the boy in the mutant "cure" facility.

She also introduces a new character during the events between the first and second movies, Amanda Melville A.K.A. Wolf, who Bobbi, or Iceman whom Wolverette calls icechest and is lways threatining to burn when he's in his ice form, cheats on Rouge with. Though she also brings in Gambit who soon falls in love with Rouge like Nightcrawler fell in love with Shadowcat.

This is mainly a tribute to a commonly used character on not a real character.

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