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Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Angel's parents
    • Warren Worthington, Jr.
    • Kathryn Worthington
  • Zelda
  • Bernard the Poet


  • Dr. Bolivar Trask
  • Sentinels
    • Sentinels Mk I
      • Sentinel 1
      • Sentinel 3
      • Sentinel 3-R
      • Sentinel 6
      • Sentinel 7
      • Sentinel 8-R
      • Sentinel 9
      • Sentinel 10

Other Characters:

  • Curtis (Worthington butler)
  • Unnamed citizens watching TV debate
  • Unnamed Coffee A-Go-Go patrons
  • Unnamed TV personnel and reporters
  • Unnamed taxi driver


Professor Xavier grants the X-Men a vacation due to their performance in battle against Juggernaut and other villains. Shortly after the X-Men leave, Professor Xavier sees a newscast about the anthropologist Dr. Bolivar Trask. Dr. Trask informs the world that he believes mutants are a menace, and that they are hiding amongst normal humans preparing to take over the world. Professor Xavier knows that media hysteria is one of the X-Men's worst enemies so he calls a TV station and sets up a public debate with Dr. Trask. At the debate Dr. Trask demonstrates the capabilities of his mutant-hunting Sentinels. Suddenly the Sentinels turn on Dr. Trask believing that they are superior and should not be ruled by anyone. Professor Xavier mentally contacts his X-Men to come out and help fight the Sentinels. The Sentinels take the captive Dr. Trask to their headquarters to make more Sentinels, but are pursued by Professor X and the X-Men. Once the X-Men arrive at the Sentinel base, they are attacked by various defense weapons.


Written by: Stan Lee

Layout by: Jack Kirby

Pencilling: Jay Gavin

Inked by: Vince Colletta

Lettered by: Artie Simek


  • Bobby claims that he and Hank are from New York City. Later issues reveal that the two men are actually from Nassau County and Dunfee, Illinois.
  • Werner Roth helped pencil this issue under the pseudonym Jay Gavin

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