You may be looking for the Xavier Security Enforcers of the future who were also known as the XSE.



The X-Treme Sanctions Executive was a paramilitary police force that was created by Storm with the support as well as funding from the United Nations that were tasked with keeping the peace between Mutants and Human's. The support of the UN allowed officers of this organization to carry badges and act to police the growing mutant populations of he world. Initially, Storm worked alone but other membrs of the X-Men began to work alongside her and formed a legitimate mutant organisation.


As a result of M-Day and the Decimation of the Mutant population, much of the activities of the X-Treme Sanctions Executive had ended in terms of law enforcenment. Instead, it concentrated on cleaning up the damage from the event and also liased with the United States governments Office of National Emergency program.


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