hi guys i am going to write about the new cast for xmen apocalypse cast 

i am fairly happy about the new cast but one thing i am really annoyed with is that halle berry will not be the charcter storm if you guys and girls didnt know. i am also a little confused with some of the past charcters coming into the new xmen films for example professer x is going to be played as james mcavoy, i know he played him as the younger xmen but it has alwasy been patrick stewart playing him as the current professer x. i think this will be pretty silly becasue it will confuse alot of people and the same dilemma is with magnito and beast. i like the new actors playing these charcters but i think it will confuse alot of people. 

it will either end will a great change or a bad change, we will have to wait and see 

so in the words of wolvarine "fuck off" 

cheers for reading. 04:54, May 27, 2015 (UTC)

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